Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder: Review

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder


Tweexy ZA recently sent me this nifty nail polish holder that promises to eliminate the need for a flat surface for the polish bottle. You might have heard of it before and I’m happy that it’s finally hit South African shores. I was drawn in by the clean and simple packaging and the fact that it came in my favourite colour was a bonus. The colour I received is Spa Green but the Original’s Colour Collection also includes Bonbon Pink and Sapphire Night.


Tweexy Nail Polish Holder


Tweexy ZA was even thoughtful enough to include a quote from my blog in the nail polish holder package that reads “Never dull your sparkle”. How sweet?!? Well, let me be honest…I’m not sure if the quote was really taken from my blog or if the universe led Tweexy to include a quote that just happened to be on my blog. Coincidence much? LOL. Either way, It’s a message that’s close to my heart and if this brand recognized that, that’s really special!


Tweexy Nail Polish Holder


Life can get a little busy and I’m sure we’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to juggle a million different things at once. I always try to paint my nails while watching TV and that can get really messy. The last thing anyone wants is nail polish spills on a brand new couch! Tweexy is like a little gift from heaven because now I can slip it on my fingers and do my nails on the couch, bed, or even at the beach without worrying about messy spills.


Tweexy nail polish holder


I put it to the test by holding my hand upside down with the nail polish in it and when it didn’t fall out I was chuffed, all thanks to the little grips that keep your bottle from moving. It is quite a strange feeling having something attached to my fingers but I think it’s nothing a little maneuvering won’t fix. It’s 100% silicone and since it’s a one-size fits all product, it snugly holds any standard size nail polish available.


Tweexy Nail Polish Holder



Final thoughts

I know I’m gushing over this nail polish holder but it really is that great. It’s simple, yet effective. No more ‘impossible-to-get-rid-of’ spills or knock overs, what beats that? Spring has sprung and it’s time to get those toes out and slip on some sandals. I’m planning to also use it during those long road trips when I need a touch up. Overall, I was quite impressed by the usefulness and well-thought out design. The Tweexy is a great accessory to add to your pamper sessions to get those bright colours just right. “Happiness is freshly painted nails” 🙂


Price: R225

Rating: 9/10

For orders and/or enquiries email:


Have a look at Tweexy ZA on Facebook and see more about the original and only spill-proof wearable nail polish bottle holder.

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  1. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of it before. I could have used this last week when I spilled purple nail polish on my carpet

    1. Eeeek! You definitely need to get a Tweexy before you have any other nasty spills. I hope you managed to get rid of the nail polish on your carpet xx

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