How to survive Valentine’s day if you’re single

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Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly a singletons favourite day on the calendar so I thought I would share my top 5 tips to survive Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

#1 Stay off social media

If seeing all the soppy Valentine’s Day posts gets you down then do yourself a favour and stay off social media. The “I love you so much” posts will be flooding your social media timelines all day and night, that’s guaranteed, so it’s best to keep the reminders as far away as possible. If you know you’ll sit behind your screen rolling your eyes and feeling frustrated by seeing something that you wish you had, then block it out.

#2 Pamper yourself

Go get your nails done, have that glass of wine, get your face mask on, light some candles and enjoy a hot bubble bath. These are the little pleasures that I love to bask in. A good pamper session always makes a woman feel great.

#3 Wear your favourite lippie and heels just because

Who needs a reason to dress up? I know I sure don’t. Most days I keep it simple and dress according to what’s most convenient but sometimes putting your favourite lipstick and a pair of heels on can make you feel like the queen that you are. If makeup and heels aren’t your thing there’s nothing wrong with that, put on your favourite clothing items and slay!

#4 No self-pity, just self love

Practice self love whether that comes in the form of positive affirmations, a selfie session, an hour at the gym, pole dancing or relaxation. Nurturing self love and care should be your top priority because without that, you can’t fully love anyone else. Don’t focus on the negative things that may surround you and most importantly stop comparing yourself to others. Yes, people around you may be in happy relationships and that’s probably something we all desire but our time will come if and when it’s meant to.  For now, enjoy the freedom that being single presents. This is the best time to focus on loving yourself, flaws and all. You’re the best ‘you’ that you’ll ever have. Take care of yourself first and all things positive will follow.

 #5 Surround yourself with positive people that you love

Spend the day with your loved ones. Perhaps you have a group of single friends so get together, have dinner and go watch a movie. A lot of singletons are planning to watch the new 50 Shades of Grey movie which is a such a great idea, I know I would if I had the time on my hands.

Valentine’s Day hasn’t ever been significant to me because I feel that love should be celebrated in little ways every single day. This day tends to be a big money-making marketing tactic so it shouldn’t be a bad day for us single people. Let’s show ourselves love today and every other day.  Who’s with me? Comment below and let me know how you plan on spending Valentine’s Day.

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