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I would like to use my blog not only a platform of self-expression, but also as a platform to support local brands and influencers and so I added a new feature called “Style File”, which includes interviews with these awesome people.  The first brand that I’m featuring is TRNSD which encompasses minimalism, one of the things I love when it comes to clothing.

I previously won a TRNSD 90 custom t-shirt, which I love, and whenever I wear it people constantly ask about the brand and where they can get their hands on the clothing.  This t-shirt is an item I like to play around with as it can be dressed up or down.

TRNSD items have an androgynous characteristic, so they lend themselves to flexible styling. This could be styled with a mesh skirt, as pictured below.  It would also look really awesome with one of the latest trends: Ripped jeans.  Pair it with a leather biker jacket for the winter breeze and you’re good to go.

Have a look at our Q&A session below and see what the people behind TRNSD had to say:

1. Where does the name and concept of TRNSD originate from?

Our name, Trendscend, styled as “TRNSD” is a hybrid of Trendsetter and Transcend. We believe that this is exactly what represents our brand and the youth of Africa.

2. Who are the people that contributed to the birth of your fashion love-child: TRNSD?

TRNSD is made up of three young, ambitious creatives; Khanyisile Dube, Khotso Makote & Luyanda Sithole. We all contributed together to kick start this dream and make it a reality.

3. When did you start this venture?

TRNSD was initially started as a fashion and art blog early 2013 to teach and inspire young, and old, Africans about the different high-street cultures around the world, while also stressing the fact there is more to fashion than just clothes.

By late 2013, we grew into making our own clothing with the intention of evolving the high-street market in the country and to be an alternative option for those who have the love for ‘High-Street’ but could never afford it.

4. What were the first steps that you took in the world of fashion?

 With the blog up and running, we already had a basic idea of how the fashion world operated. Our first piece we released was our iconic “TRNSD Team Jersey”.

5. What sets your brand apart from other street wear brands?

Our goal is to lead the frontier in high-end street fashion through creative methods of conceptual design. Our main approach is not limited to just making clothing but rather to dig deep into the social norms that currently exist within the South African street culture and to bring together a refreshing way to look at product design as a whole. To simplify things we are trying to provide a “High-Street Alternative.”

6. What are the concepts that drive the creative vision of TRNSD?

It varies between the seasons to be honest. We always try new things with the collections and avoid jumping on trends but rather to set them. We look at a lot of street art and modern architecture from around the world, the music we listen to also plays a big role in the creative process.

7. If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would those three words be?

A High-Street Alternative.

Peep TRNSD’s latest collection below: TRNSD A/W ’15 Capsule Collection – “Water Flowing In The Sand”

“Water Flowing In The Sand” is a concept that is a personification of we (the founders) are. The ‘water’ represents our ideas, concepts and products in their purest form and the ‘sand’ represent us as we don’t actually have any formal education or background in fashion.

Therefore, ‘Water Flowing in the Sand’ is a literal representation of our ideas manifesting themselves from their ‘rough’ selves.

  • The TRNSD A/W ’15 Capsule Collection is NOW available at Dip Street Store in Braamfontein and on  Online Store (Worldwide Shipping).

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Instagram & Twitter: @TRNSD_90


If you feel that your brand is aligned with what my blog stands for then please drop me an email 🙂

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