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I’ve decided to integrate the Style File series into my blog, which is a platform to understand the ‘story behind the image’ of bloggers and influencers that do things a little different. Luke India Ramos is one of those people. He is a 19 year old gender fluid blogger, fashion enthusiast, makeup hoarder, foodie and scholar from Cape Town, South Africa. Luke created a blog called Style the Blog to share his passion for fashion with other fashion enthusiasts.

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Have a look at our Q&A session below and see what the face behind Style the Blog had to say.

1.What is your blog about and what was the inspiration behind the name “Style the Blog”?

Style The Blog is all about fashion. Many may categorise it as women’s fashion but to me it is just fashion. Now the inspiration behind the name of my blog, well … there is actually none. As embarrassing it is to say this, I just thought of something so that I could have a name to put to my blog. I am starting a new blog next year and trust me that I have put a lot of thought into that name.

2. I admire how you challenge norms and wear what you feel most comfortable and stylish in. Not many are brave enough to turn in a suit for a dress. How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as evolving and eccentric.

3. Heels or flats?

Heels all the way! Even though I wear flats most of the time because I always do a lot of walking when I am out and about.

4. You describe yourself as ‘gender-fluid’ in your blog; can you tell me more about what that means to you?

To me being gender fluid means that I can be exactly who I want to be whenever I want to be and that it is okay to identify as whatever you want to. Yes, today I might identify as a girl and tomorrow I might identify as a guy but that is perfectly fine. To put it bluntly: being gender fluid allows me to be myself.

5. What are your top 5 tips for slaying a photoshoot?

My five tips for slaying a photoshoot would be the following: 1) Be prepared, 2) Use a photographer that knows what you want or has experience with the type of shoot you want to do, 3) Be confident, 4) Be comfortable and 5) Dress to kill for the photoshoot.

6. Black is a staple in my wardrobe and I’ve seen a lot of it in your look posts. What are some of your other favourite colour combinations?

Other favourite colour combinations of mine would be an all black ensemble with an outerwear that is in a bold pattern or bright colour. along with all the black, grey and white in my wardrobe shades of blue, green and brown also exists. Denim (not necessarily a colour) is also one of my wardrobe staples.

7. 2017 is fast approaching. Do you have any fashion trend predictions for the New Year?

I predict that bell sleeves will become more dramatic and rock band themed t-shirts will be donned by everyone (by the “cool kids” and the normal everyday person).

8. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourite item in my wardrobe has to be my aqua blue oversized coat that I thrifted from my grandma’s closet.

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9. What are some of your favourite brands?

Does The Fix count as a brand? If yes, then The Fix and in that case, Mr Price too. I also love the clothes from Eve Emporium. And let me not forget my grandma’s closet – that is another one of my brands I like – lol

10. Anyone that follows you on social media can notice how you have an eye for putting items together that fit you just right. Do you have any advice for others that would like to wear gender neutral clothing but are afraid to because of societal standards?

My advice would be that you have to be yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Wear your clothes with confidence. Sorry, I suck at giving advice – eek. Know that there will be many people that will dislike you for breaking societal standards but only because they lack the confidence that you have and / or they fear difference.

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Photographer: Caleb Murray from 720 TX Photography

Say ‘hi’ to Luke here:

Style The Blog




Luke India will be launching a new site soon so keep your eyes on this post for an update.

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