Six Sensational Skincare: Lifting Eye Cream and Anti Ageing Moisturiser Review

SIX Sensational Anti Ageing Skincare products

Have you ever had the idea in your mind that anti ageing skincare products are meant for 40+ year olds? Well if you did, we had something in common and boy, were we wrong. There’s a skewed perception about anti ageing skincare products and if I can change one persons mind about it, then I’ve done a good job.

SIX Sensational Anti Ageing Skincare products

Why you should use anti ageing skincare products in your 20’s

  1. Preventing fine lines & wrinkles is easier than getting rid of them
  2. You’ll look more awake and alert
  3. Your skin will have a natural gloW
  4. Retains skin moisture and elasticity


While you may not see the signs of ageing in your twenties, that’s when the real damage is done. Prevention is better than cure so we have to take control and care for our skin while it’s still wrinkle-free. Drinking water and using hydrating anti ageing skincare products can take years off your face.


My skincare routine

I must admit that I haven’t been taking good care of my skin lately and that’s probably why I haven’t had a beauty post up in a while. We all know how important it is to take care of our skin but sometimes life gets in the way and we slip. I recently got two products from SIX Sensational Skincare which served as a reminder to get back into my skincare routine. This includes cleansing and moisturizing twice a day. I’ve been cleansing with a face wash but I haven’t been using the correct moisturizers and often falling asleep with makeup on, and the difference in my skin is visible. It’s become dull and dry so I was particularly keen to try the SIX anti ageing moisturiser.

The promise

Six lifting eye cream: Smoothes eye contours, reduces signs of fatigue, long lasting hydration and suitable for all skin types.

Six anti ageing moisturiser: Stimulates cell metabolism, anti free radical action and reduces the effects of premature ageing. This product is for dry and dehydrated skin which I’m suffering with at the moment.

SIX lifting eye cream and anti ageing moisturiser review

SIX lifting eye cream and anti ageing moisturiser review

The Lifting eye cream is applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. I instantly felt that the skin around my eyes was more plump and soft. This is because of the hydrating ingredients. I’ve been working hard and long hours at my ‘9 to 5’ and the fatigue was showing especially under my eyes. The SIX lifting eye cream has a slight burning/tingling sensation, something I’m drawn to even with the hair treatments I use. It has a subtle aroma, which is great because anything near your eyes shouldn’t have a strong fragrance which may cause a bad reaction. This product has become a new favourite of mine.

SIX Sensational Anti Ageing Skincare products

The Anti ageing moisturiser has a lovely aroma that reminds me of home. You know those cozy nights snuggled up in front of the TV after having a bubble bath and putting on a face mask? That’s how it felt. Although I do like the way the SIX anti ageing moisturiser made my skin feel, I would prefer to use a moisturiser that has SPF because an important part of any beauty regime is protecting our skin from harmful sun rays.

SIX Sensational Anti Ageing Skincare products

Ageing gracefully is the goal so I would recommend giving these products a try.


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