Playful Playsuit


As the years go by I’m learning to try new things and take more risks because uniformity is boring, right? I’m integrating risk-taking into my life, not only mentally and emotionally, but with fashion too. When shopping I would never even take a second look at playsuits because I never really thought that they would be flattering for my body type but as 2014 was reaching its end, I realized that limitations needed to come to an end too.   So I gave myself a little pep talk, walked into Cotton On and absolutely fell in love with their playsuits. Hey, if you’re ready to take a risk, you might as well risk it all and so I did, choosing this floral playsuit (never been a huge fan of floral prints because of the ‘granny look’ but this print is anything but granny style). 😀

2015-01-18 18.12.48

2015-01-18 18.14.47

I instantly fell in love, the layered style is super flattering and the florals are great for summer.  I was on holiday in Durban, visiting family and this was my favourite item in my wardrobe for the scorching Durban heat.  The fabric is soft and lets me bring out my playful side without worrying about anything moving out of place. Playsuits are a classic must-have for spring/summer.


Chic. Comfy. Cool.

Playsuit// Cotton On

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