Lindt EXCELLENCE Mild 70%


The new Lindt EXCELLENCE Mild 70% has just been introduced in South Africa and I’m so excited to share the lowdown with you. Craftsmanship and undeniable quality are the first words that pop into my mind when I think Lindt.  The new Lindt EXCELLENCE Mild 70% uses a special blend of fine cocoa ingredients to ensure what Lindt describes as “an exquisitely smooth mild taste experience”. I recently received this treat from Lindt and while I’m a huge chocoholic, I’ve never been a fan of dark chocolate so I was happy to learn all about the milder, smoother version.

Dark chocolate is bitter and has proven to be an acquired taste, not a favourite amongst people with a super sweet tooth. On the bright side, dark chocolate is pretty healthy in moderation especially if you’re trying to curb the craving for something sweet. So on that note, the Lindt Excellence Mild 70% might be the answer we’re all looking for! This chocolate is crafted with rich cocoa characteristics, notes of cream, stone fruit and honey and the scent of vanilla (my favourite scent). The Lindt brand is well-renowned  for producing some of the smoothest taste experiences one can find, and after years of being a loyal customer I totally see why.

The Lindt EXCELLENCE Mild 70% is melting in my mouth as I write this post. Could it be the perfect, almost guilt-free treat? My vote is YES! I know that a few of you are probably cringing at the thought of dark chocolate and wondering how I could possibly call it a treat but I would definitely recommend that you give it a try. It’s a good first introduction into high cocoa chocolates.

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have perfected a distinct taste over time which is largely due to the beans, along with conching which is a long process of intense mixing, stirring and aerating of heated liquid chocolate. This process gives it its silky smooth texture and eliminates unwanted acidity and bitterness. Once cocoa beans have been roasted, grinded and refined to develop the base chocolate mass, this material goes into the conching process for many hours and sometimes even days. In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented the famous conching process, which has revolutionized the chocolate industry.

Lindt never compromises on quality and that’s evident in the way the highest quality beans are sourced from the most renowned cocoa origins around the world: Ghana, Latin America and the Caribbean Islands (mainly Ecuador), Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. To develop the distinctive Lindt taste, the chocolate also contains a high amount of cocoa flavour beans such as Criollo or Trinitario. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers blend the various beans from different origins to ensure they achieve the distinctive flavour profile specific for their chocolate creations.

It certainly is the a yummy alternative to the more intense classic 70% cocoa. Who’s joining me on the ‘dark side’?


Rating: 7/10

Recommended Selling Price: R39.95


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  1. I am absolute dark chocolate fan
    I agree it’s an aquired taste.Dean and I make chocolate steaks using the chilli chocolate from the Excellence range.

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