Lady in red

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  ― Lao Tzu




This year began with the words “where to from here?” I have been a university student for the past 4 years and with two degrees now under my belt I’m at a defining time of my life. I am at a place where all the familiarity and predictability is gone and I get to embark on a completely new journey of starting a career. This is a place a lot of us find ourselves at some point, right? Change is good, scary and necessary all at the same time and so I welcome it.



“You are able. You are confident. You are strong.”- These are three positive affirmations I choose to focus my energy on this year. As cliche’ as it sounds (haha here I go), a positive mind truly leads to a positive life. I believe that engaging in a bit of introspection is important so that we can set new goals and be in the right state of mind to actually achieve them. What better place to do that than in the midst of nature? I thought that the greenery would be the perfect backdrop for this red maxi skirt. I truly enjoyed being away from the rat-race, letting go of the stressful past year and being confident in my ability to make my dreams a reality.


2016, the year of the ‘Lady in red’.

I feel that red represents confidence and power and this maxi skirt encompasses just that. This look can be quite simple but lately I haven’t been able to resist a maxi skirt with a slit or two. Showing a little skin with a modest look can add just the right amount of ‘sexy’. This skirt is paired with a hat (great if you’re running short on accessories or having a bad hair day) and goes well with flats or heels. This year the lady in red will put her best foot forward and take power strides as change comes her way.





What are your positive affirmations? What do you think about maxi skirts? Please comment below and share your thoughts 🙂


Hat | China mall

Top | Edgars

Skirt | Mr Price

Sandals | Legit

Heels | Luella @Foschini

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  1. I like your backdrop for this photo shoot and i miss my garden days where i could stay over a friends place – okay she used to live in Kirstenbosch gardens and not many can say they had a sleep over and such a huge and stunning garden! It’s refreshing to just still in nature than to stay indoors all day, but that’s how my days are at the moment, but i think i have to change my mani maybe to a lady in red theme! I love that maxi of yours, i’m just more into pinks and blues!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Your look from head to two is incredible and perfect for the upcoming summer months.
    P.s. your images are so beautiful! As are you 🙂

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