Kickin’ it: New babies

Being a full-time student means running around a huge campus most days of the year and so the fashion battle between comfort and beauty comes about urrrrrgh!!!  Can’t we just have both?? Oh, yes we can 😀  I’ve always been a Converse All-Star fan: the look, the feel, everything that the brand encompasses but within the last year I’ve also come to adore the footwear that Nike is putting out.  I got these babies as a gift; they’re super comfortable and look good too.  The combination of white, grey and pink allows me to play around and pair them with different looks, from sportsluxe to simple casual looks and whatever else my heart desires.

They can be used for everyday use or for training but I prefer not to train in them because of the thick sole of the shoe which I find to hinder my flexibility and speed.  They are quite bulky which I just prefer for everyday use (and they give my little fun-sized self some height, WINNING haha).

Next on my wish list: Nike Roshe Runs, I am absolutely in love with these, gifts are accepted all year round, I’m a size 5 *hint hint* lol

A good eye for style & aesthetics meets comfort, this is how Nike stays ahead of the pack.

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