Glam Hipster arrival

People often ask me to describe myself and I always struggle with that because I cannot be defined by one simple word. The title of this blog expands on the idea of my complex personality in the simplest way I could imagine. ‘Glam Hipster’ exudes my dynamic personality and the different elements to it. It describes my love for all things glamourous, yet my admiration for the hippie lifestyle and the similar beliefs in individuality and freedom that I share in the postmodern hipster era. This is me- My thoughts, my life, my dreams, my words. It’s about my free-spirited, adventurous & peaceful nature and what fills me with joy. Essentially it’s an indirect way to describe that I am not someone that can be understood in black and white, there are different sides to me to explore.

Welcome 🙂

Peace, love & happiness,

Cherice (Or otherwise known as Reesy).


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