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Hi there. Welcome to Glam Hipster Diaries.  I’m Cherice (otherwise known as Reesy).  I’m a fashion & beauty lover and writer at heart.  I am also a contributor on a site called Konstant Writing.  I love all things fashion, beauty, design, food & cocktails.  I breathe in new experiences and breathe out words.  Glam Hipster Diaries is a lifestyle blog where fashion, beauty and travel meet food, cocktails and decor.  This is my chosen form of expression, a place where I share all things that fill me with joy.

People often ask me to describe myself and I always struggle with that because I cannot be defined by one simple word.  The title of this blog expands on the idea of my colourful personality in the simplest way I could imagine.  ‘Glam Hipster’ exudes my multi-faceted personality.  It describes my love for all things glamourous, yet my admiration for the hippie lifestyle and the similar beliefs in individuality and freedom that I share in the postmodern hipster era.  This is me- My thoughts, my adventures, my dreams, my words.

Welcome, I hope you’ll stay for a while 🙂

Johannnesburg, South Africa.

If you would like to use one of my photos all I ask is that you credit me/ link back to my blog.

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  1. Hi There,

    I am excited to continue spreading the Liebster Award love and have nominated you!:) I love exploring great blogs. You may have been nominated before or just know the rules, but I wanted to share just in case. Here are 11 questions for you to answer. You get to nominate 11 bloggers and come up with a set of questions for them to answer as well. I’ve seen several variations of the rules, so it’s okay if you don’t follow 100%. Here are your questions:
    (1) What inspires you every morning?
    (2) Where do you go when you need to get away?
    (3) What is your favorite dessert?
    (4) What can you not go without each day?
    (5) What is your favorite book?
    (6) Who is your favorite designer?
    (7) What is the kindest thing someone has said to you.
    (8) If you could pick up and move anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    (9) Who is your fashion icon/inspiration?
    (10) What physical quality do you typically notice first when you meet someone new?
    (11) What do you like to do for fun?



    1. Hi there 🙂 Apologies for this terribly delayed response, life got in the way and I haven’t blogged in ages. Thank you for spreading the Liebster award love. Day made!!! I love interacting with other bloggers and I’m glad that you enjoy my blog 🙂

      Here are my answers:
      1) The endless possibilities of becoming a better version of myself inspires me each day
      2) When I’m at home I don’t really have a physical place where I go to escape, but I tend to escape in Tumblr, books and soulful music. When I’m lucky enough to get away from city life then the beach is my place of choice 🙂
      3) Red velvet cake
      4) Water, lipgloss & music
      5) The Art of War- Sun Tzu
      6) Tough one!! Coco Chanel
      7) “Don’t ever let your sparkle die, you shine so bright. Don’t ever let anyone take that away”
      8) Tokyo, Japan.
      9) I can’t really choose one because I find inspiration from different sources but I do love how Rihanna unapologetically takes fashion risks.
      10) Eyes. They speak volumes.
      11) I enjoy reading & writing poetry, taking in summer sunsets with a cocktail in hand, shopping, exercising and watching Youtube videos of raw, talented singers.


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